FEAR And Fathers: Josie Davis
Fangoria. October 11, 2009

FEAR ITSELF, Mick Garris' noble but short-lived attempt to bring horror back to network television, has just hit DVD (read our review here). One person who will not be buying the DVD is actress Josie Davis' father. "My poor Dad was really bothered by it," she laughs.

Josie Davis, who has appeared in numerous TV shows like BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and TITANS, starred in one of the most intense FEAR episodes, 'Family Man', where her sweet, Church-going husband trades bodies with a serial killer who targets families.

"My Dad will NOT be getting the box set because he was utterly horrified by my episode," the striking actress laughs. "My husband gets killed in the beginning, and a serial killer takes over my husband's body and takes over my life! When he comes home one night, I'm his innocent wife and he rapes and kills me.

"I did 'Family Man' with FREDDY VS. JASON director Ronny Yu. Ronny has a great sense of humor and wonderful attitude; his assistant was a sweetheart. The director sets the tone for the set and he was very easygoing, which made it a fun set--despite the dark storyline. Ronny was very cool and a nice man. On FEAR ITSELF, I don't just get killed--I'm brutally murdered! I'm in a white nightgown and they tried to make me look angelic with my wrists tied to the bed. I'm a bloody mess when I'm found.

"My body is discovered by my husband in the show, the star of EUREKA (Colin Ferguson). I was very wet in the fake blood, but Ronny shot it very fast. When my husband discovers me was very dark. My Dad was very troubled and upset by the episode. He said to me, 'Do not ever make me watch anything like that again--that was brutal!' He had nightmares for a couple nights after seeing me dead in that episode--I'm the only daughter. My Dad's never been bothered by my stuff like that."

Her poor Dad is gonna have to steel his nerves, because "I just did a horror film called THE CURSED with Costas Mandylor [SAW films] and I get killed in that too, unfortunately! A really scary monster chases me down and slashes me brutally. The monster lifts up my bloody head by the hair and rips it off! I'm headless after that. Dad hasn't seen that one yet--but I don't think it will disturb him as much because it's just a monster, not a rapist killer.

"The CURSED monster scared me--he was a very large man in a creature suit, but he looked real. I have been getting killed a lot lately. I'm playing a ghost on three episodes of CSI NEW YORK, when a serial murderer hits town. I talk a little bit about FEAR ITSELF on my website, Josiedavis.com!"

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