Short Hair. A Celebrity Hairstyle Special
Short Hair, Spring 2004

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Flick Trick

Ever since she appeared on the long-gone (but unforgettable) Beverly Hills, 90210, JOSIE DAVIS has wowed us with her short hair flair! While you can see her on occasional movies and small screen endeavors, here's an up-close look at her newest style: a short bob with chipped-into edges that turn up subtly all around. The sleek crown - made shiny from dimensional blonde color - is styled with just a hint of lift from a short off-center part. Blow hair out with a paddle brush, then flat-iron all over to boost interior smoothness and inject ends with extra spirit.

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A New Look for Josie

Even though it's been some time since JOSIE DAVIS appeared on the long-defunct Beverly Hills, 90210, she's never strayed far from our radar screen. The star's turned up on TV's L.A. Law: The Movie and The Partners, among other projects, but our main interest is her mane! Through the years, she's worn a variety of short styles; it's clear this gal knows how to make the most of her baby-fine strands.
Her most recent look doesn't disappoint. Long, razor-sliced layers and softly beveled ends add a hint of movement to the blonde, chin-lingth bob. Her hair is styled from an imprecise center part using a drop of straightening serum. Sleek, fine hair like hers can be finger-placed as it's blown-dry or simply combed into place and allowed to dry as is. If your hair has any bend, use blower and flat-backed brush to smooth the hair shaft, then flat-iron and mist with shine spray.