Josie Davis in Backstabbed

Backstabbed (TV Movie)

When a struggling housewife poses as a potential buyer to help her boss close real estate transactions, she discovers her boss will do anything to close a deal - even murder.

AKA: Crossing the Line, Realtor Nightmare (Working title)
Release date: September 3, 2016 @ Lifetime

Josie Davis as Paulette Bolton, Brittany Underwood as Shelby Wilson, Micah Alberti as Grant Wilson, Brad Lee Wind as Walter, Kevin Spirtas as Max Rhaymer, Charles Christopher as Jerry, Rene Ashton as Beth, Taji Coleman as Felicia, Justin Arnold as Tyson, Amanda Musso as Charlotte, Janna VanHeertum as Amanda, Dan Louis as Lawrence

Written by Raul Inglis & Bryan Dick
Directed by Doug Campbell