Josie Davis in Carolina Moon

Carolina Moon (TV Movie)

Author Nora Roberts' tense tale of second sight comes to the screen in this drama directed by Stephen Tolkin. Lately, Tory Bodeen (Claire Forlani) has been experiencing a series of frightening visions that seem to be beckoning her back to her small hometown. As the visions become increasingly intense, the brutal murder of Tory's childhood friend Hope is subsequently revealed to have been but the first in a brutal series of slayings that rocked the tightly knit community to its very core. Every year the killer claims another life, and now it seems that he has anticipated Tory's return. Now, as Tory attempts to catch the killer before becoming his next victim, her blossoming romance with Hope's handsome older brother Cade (Oliver Hudson) proves that the only thing more powerful than passion is the fear of death.
Source: Flixster

Release date: February 19, 2007 @ Lifetime
DVD Release: September 11, 2007
Running Time: 90 min.

Claire Forlani as Tory Bodeen, Oliver Hudson as Cade Lavelle, Josie Davis as Faith Lavelle, Jonathan Scarfe as Dwight Collier, Chad Willett as Wade Mooney and Jacqueline Bisset as Margaret Lavelle.

Novel by Nora Roberts
Written by Stephen Tolkin
Directed by Stephen Tolkin