Josie Davis in McBride: Requiem

McBride: Requiem (TV Movie)

In life, Ava Fletcher was a virtuoso classical violinist and a darling of the critics, if not her peers. In death, she’s McBride’s new puzzle, and she’s got a grieving father eager to nail her low-class fiancée. McBride isn’t convinced, especially with an orchestra pit full of suspects all of who have solid motives for snipping Ava’s strings.

Release date: May 31, 2008 @ Hallmark Channel
Running Time: 120 min.

John Laroquette as Mike McBride, Matt Lutz as Phil Newberry, Marta DuBois as Roberta Hansen, Josie Davis as Ava Fletcher, Tom Parker as Jackson Summer, Ben Bode as Owen Grant, and Charles Robinson as Judge Jeffries

Written by Rachel Stuhler
Directed by Mark Griffiths