Josie Davis in Slammed


Featuring hot models, exciting wrestling scenes and bone crushing hilarity, SLAMMED is the story of Jeff (Justin Whalin) and Derek (Zachery Bryan), two best friends who share the dream of stardom on the back bar wrestling circuit.
With the help of wrestling idol "The Slammer" (Sasha Mitchell), and the sexy, flamboyant Buckle Girls, Jeff fights "Switchblade" Rick for the title and the love of the beautiful Shane (Josie Davis).
Source: DVD

DVD Release: August 10, 2004
Running Time: 99 min.

Justin Whalin as Jeff, Zachery Ty Bryan as Derek, Josie Davis as Shane Masters, Sasha Mitchell as Slammer, Rick Perkins Jr. as Rick Kaspers and Lake Bell as Gina Micelli

Written by C. Courtney Joyner & Linda Denise Martin
Directed by Brian Thomas Jones